About me

My name is Adam and I live in Gdańsk, in Poland. I love freshly brewed coffee, good music and traveling. But most of all I love photography. I’m full time photographer since 2006. I take photographs of everyday life, landscapes, architecture and people wherever I go. I’m also lucky enough, that along with my wife, I photograph weddings. I carry my camera almost everywhere I go. Photography and my wife give a sense to my life.

Photography is about seeing the world. Check out how I see it.


13. Leica Street Photo finalist

London Street Photography Festiwal 2020 (Single pictures) finalist

First place in the competition Mój Gdańsk 2023 (category Events)

Distinction in Gdańsk Press Photo competition 2019 (category Everyday life)

Distinction in Gdyński Modernizm competition 2023 (collective exhibition)

Distinction in Legenda Morska Gdyni competition 2023 (collective exhibition)

Distinction in Gdynia Fotogeniczna competition 2021 (collective exhibition)

Email: hello@adamkozlowski.pl